Dungeans and Dragon clone

I was thinking about making 7 planets of 7 books of fertility as propheciesed. I’m thinking about using AD&D books to aide in the development of the game. It’ll be authentic to the board game; but will be a turned-based video game RPG/MMORPG. I know how to code 2D video game; but I’m thinking about making it 3D. May be 3D Isometric like Diablo; but, turned-based; and not real time. I’m intersted in hitting the Playstation, but I’m not sure how to go about it yet. I might have to get more books on the platform. The XBOX don’t take Open Source video games; but I think the PlayStation is more open to it. Does anyone know if I’m asking for a lawsuite if I clone AD&D in my video game?

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