The bottom line in open source

The money question in open source video gaming is a question, I don’t know. Its cheaper to build an open source video game. Bring programmers, graphic artist, and musicians together, and see what comes of it. I started doing this because of ideology, but I see how I can make it rich doing this. I’m a risk taker, and its a calculated risk I take. I wanted a religious and spiritual movement. I wanted to submirge myself in god. I know not everybody will be pleased, but I answer to god, and a servent of god first, and hopefully the money will come next. The FSF, said you can fullfil the American dream this way. I got some marketing ideas of side projects, such as published books, accessories such as shirts, advertisement on multiplayer action. It will be a big thing. I believe in what I’m doing. Giving all my visions to it. I believe there is a lot of money in it.


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