The seed of a garden

I plant a seed to grow a garden. For what seam as possment of the devil; has, the angels gave victory over a hard fought war. For Ares is contained and the angels wedded to me; to make art in there name; for I am an artist, poet, write, prophet, and video game programmer. For I live the live that Apollo propheciesed; for my children are Gods and angels of the heaven; for I am wedded to Aphrodite. For I do not speek falsly; but of what I’ve seen; in art. For I am a medium of angels, and the Godess of Love. For what start with on man; grows into the masses of people; for all of man, and not just some. For I work in media; to tell what I have learned. For I was once cursed by a dark lord of hell; and now, blessed by the kingdom. For I am not perfect; and very little, for Aphrodite is wise but niave by her own admission. For Zues is all power, and the king of the Gods, may he rule his empire and help one man. For Zues is the Supreme Bieng, called by many names in diffrent religions. For I worship Jesus Christ. The angels watched his crucification, and told me to feel for Christ; for I immitate Christs teaching; for he was God’s messiah. I still sin; and I’m not perfect; for Christ is good and forgiving. For I have to forgive others that tresspass against me. Now the words and art are international; on many networks. Aphrodite loves you all, and may your angelic wives gaurd you from evil; for I see them; and many to not. For this is the testimony of a prophet; and Aphrodites messiah, and poet.

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