An evolution of time and space. Sometimes revolutionary; and sometimes over long eons of time. What was Navao’s revolution; in  my time will evolve after I have left this world. For I am prophet of Aphrodite. There is no greater force than love itself. For Aphrodite represents love. Not just between 2 people; but an alterstic type of love. A love of a God for her people. For all of the Earth are her people. Now, mass marketed to the masses for everyone to see what I have seen. For there where dark times; but God has overcame , and give me properity. For I was poor in spirt; that was worse than monatery poverty. A poverty of the soul; for now, I am rich in spirt, to evolve slowly the software. For I sought God for a life-time; and now I’m at peace. For the seed was started as a child; and has grown in a forest of richness for life.


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