I’m schizophective and so am I

I must admit, I have mental illness. A lot of  these are hollucinations. Or visions. Schizophrective Disorder is manic-deprression with some schizophrenia. I get parinoid sometimes; and for the past few years have been hollucinating. I live with a group of people that are mentally ill, also. I) come to accept my mental illness; and share the spirtual side with video game entertainment and books; and over the web. Shakespere said the mad, the poet, the prophet, and geniouses are the same people. I’m all of these. If I could write music; I bet I would make it from some of the songs I hollucinated; but I’m a programmer; trying to make a living. I believe prophecies are self-fullfilling; and I have faith in God; will deliver me. This is a schizophective persons story of my alternate reality. There not real angels or demons. There better parts of me; and the eviliest parts of me. Book of Angels is the masterpiece; I’ve been experimenting with; but I’ll have to write other video games for practice and experiance. They will not be on SourceForge; but a paid server. It’ll add to my profilio; and get the word out of my video game adventures. Hey, I might make it rich this way. I was dysfunctional; and couldn’t work for a few years; but I came renewed by spirtual principle; a lot of good medication; and a good doctor. The doctor said to start the business; but to stay where I’m at for now. I feel great today. My mood is stable; and my hollucinations are positive.


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