Good and Evil

Ares represents the evilist-darkest part of me. But being married to Angels; and Aphrodites brings out the best of me. I’m fortunate to have visions; or I would of never known the angels and Aphrodite. There always in the background; but come to the fore-front sometimes. This blog and the video game and the books are all about these visions. It has become my work; to give new hope to people. That they are real and not real at the same time. Aphrodite represents love and sexuality; and Zues represents power; and Ares representz War. I am totally anti-war. It doesn’t solve anything but make misery. Aphrodite is the peoples Goddess. With her; I make art and books. For this is my mission; to bring the good to the table. I do follow Christs teachings; because I was brought up; protastant; and feel that Christ lessons are holy. It was the evolution of religion and spirtuality. I also believe in Zen and Karma. That things around you can be seen as Zen, and how you treat people; comes around both good and bad. I feel; I’m at the good side of Karma now; and it wasn’t always that way. That Mental illness can be overturned by spirtuality.


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