Zues is king of the God’s. He’s been many things thruout time. Zues is the supreme being. He is the lightning. Father of Aphrodites, the Godess of Love. For we are married; to be the known Gods, thru me. For the Gods have not forsaken the Earth; but have come to evolve it; and to grow it; and to return when man is advanced enough; and not to destroy the Earth. For Zues said to make money off the video games; that will be about Aphrodites and the Angels kingdom. For man is magical to the Angels. For, I married 724 Angels and queens, princess, and traditional angels from that kingdom; for they are not humman-beings but compatable with hummans. They battle with Ares, which is evil and dark. For Vensus married Mars to end the wars; but didn’t stay married. For let Venus be your Godess, the princess of God; and draw on the power of Zues


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