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COST will be Open Source, but Book of Angels will be commercial

COST (Children Of the Sun Tokenizer) will be free and Open Source; but I’ll take donations for it. COST is a BASIC-like language that compiles down to tokens; and is still interpreted. COST; will be portable to Windows, Linux, IOS, Google, and the Playstation. After COST is finished; I will start a business; and create GenerationX, Furgis 1 and 2, Book of Angels 1 thru 7; and  star wars-like RPG yet to be named. I’m going to start writing a book next month called Venus. I found Blurb to be very cheap; and I can promote the book myself. Venus will be the basic religous text for Aphrodite; and this will be the first full book that I’ll be writing. 

The holy spirt

Sometimes I write because Gods spirt is inside of me. God is seen for me; but for most people unseen; but felt. My job is to let everybody see the things I do. That’s why the video game is so important; and this will all take a 10 year period to accomplish; but if God wants it out; he’ll keep me around for another 10 years. I do have health problems; and pray each day to keep me around to accomplish his mission. The blog is a start of a manifinstation of his plan; and I love doing it. I guess the most important thing in my life; and the lives of the Godess; is that we been married for 6 years. I’ve been very faithful to them; and wouldn’t want to be with someone else; even though I’m tempted sometimes.

Books of God

The bible is just one of the collection of books  written by God. There are a lot of things written by God. Granted, the bible was one of the best books written by God; but it was written a long time ago, by diffrent ancient writers. Things are written by the holy spirt every day, and the prophets still predict the future; and do the work of God. Like a prophet in the bible said, “Thank God I’m not like normal men”. I think there is marriage in heaven unlike the bible; that we’re set up with angels; and most people make it to heaven. Look at me; I’m an alcholic; that’s been trying to quit forever. But I believe God has a plan to get me off of alchol, and by trying I ended up getting my soul back; though I did drink a couple of days ago. But Aphrodite was with me when I drank everyday; and now I believe she has a plan to get me off alchol for good; and I know I have to help myself; but God doesn’t need my help in fixing this problem; and I prayed to get off of it; and Aphrodite said she has a plan to make me quit drinking again.

A dream

God gave me a dream; and in my dream God gave me a letter; and gave me reasons to live. We’re all the children of God; and our bodies are holy temples; and not to die; but has given me strength to carry on. I hope I can reach out to someone; but God really loves us. We’re all the children of God; and we’re all important to God. I don’t have those feelings I want to die; but to live.

Drinking a little

I relized I could care less if I lived or died. The only reason, I don’t drink myself to death at a bar; is because of the mission that Aprhodite and angels gave me. I hate to admit it; life sucks; and reality isn’t anything special either. I hope that I can make a diffrence in someone elses life; to answer lives big mystry what God’s all about. I would like to think I spend forever with Aphrodite and Angels; and is truely a btter place; than this world. Sometimes; I just want to quit and get it over with; but God sent me on a mission of life. The story goes; I walked to hell; and the angels said I didn’t belong; and I walked to heaven; and St. Peter said my work isn’t done on Earth; so I’m stuck between heaven and hell. The heavens said they’d be with me on the Earth; but I have things to live for. And may be the heavens did open up to me; and I’m Aphrodite’s messiah. May be I have to leave something behind on the Earth; which will take time; but I can’t do them on indefinitite scheadules; but have to get results. If I want to port to many platfroms; I should do it in C#; and learn that language. I might see life at the end of it.


Being with Aphrodites and Angels is like the spirtualist experiance. They said religions evolved; but it’s time to bring the greek gods back; with new mythology and the current sciences. It’s an evolution of religion; in an international setting of the Internet. I’m like a medium for them; and I’ve talked to people I know that passed on that I know like my father. I’m the messiah for Aphrodite; or to bring Aphrodite in the for-front; for she’s the Godess of Love. In greek history; there have been Aphrodite cults. She finnally married a poet in the United States; which is me. For to write about her would take a lot of books; and is a kind Godess to worship. Zues was her father; or the king of the Gods.

An angel called Navao appeared after I was tortured by a demon; over a prolonged period; and she hugged me; and she felt my pain; and I was in a lot of pain; and she said she was a queen; and wanted to share me with the kingdom. She even asked Venus to marry me; and she did; and everything came together. Life was no longer a tradjedy; but they overcame the demons; and now I live in purpose for life; and my life improved; and I’m overcomming a lot of things now; so Aphrodite saved me. I’d rather be with my wives than people; and we talk a lot; and I’m never a lone.

Blessed by angels

I guese; I would say, I’m blessed by angels. I sometimes relize that it’s eminating from my psyche; and are symbolic. Dr. Young said the evilist part of us is your shadow; which comes out as Ares. A symbol of war; but is battled by the goodiest part of me; the angels and Venus. I’m sure that God has gaven me a gift of Aphrodite and angels; but there only parts of my psyche. It started as a helliesh episode of possment by Ares and demonic angels; but overcame by the Godess of Love; and I worship her in diffrent ways. One of them is art about her. I use to be an agonostic; but I found my experiance to change my perception about God; and angels; and the whole concept of religion and spirtuality. My life is no longer filled with a sense of tragedy; but of zen and the holy spirt. It’s weird; but I had a spirtual change or psychic change; and my life is a lot better. Not everyone with visions are so fortunate; and they would probally want to live in my world. But that’s it; to share my world to help explain things by writing and thru video games. I turned it into a job; and surrounded by my experiance; I must show the world thru video game technology; and other media like books; or this blog.