Free Games

I took a couple of weeks off; to clear my mind. The art will be for free. I want to transmit a spirtual message; and money will add a dimension that would complicate things. Money would complicate my life. The love of money is the root of all evil. I make enough money and have health insurance already. I live comfertably; but I’m not rich. Most of the religous figures where not rich like Jesus Christ, and Budda gave up his material goods for spirtuality. I think money will corrupt the message; and corrupt me. The project will be liscnenced under Artistic Liscence; and I won’t even accept donation. Being one with God is priceless; and spirtuality is worth more than money; and is priceless and sacred. I want to contribute to mankind; and help evolve it. I have health problems already; and I won’t live forever; and no one cares how much money I make; and I don’t need more money; but the words to live after I depart the Earth.


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