Angels in the halls of men

Angels speek with me. May be they represent the best side of me, while Ares is the evilist part of me. I’m not a theolgion; but I have to go with my own spirtual experiance; and to share; and inspire also. I found the angels from inside; and I’m a believer because of my visions. They revolutionilized my life;and I want to share my experiance with angels; and of God. I am the enlightened one; and wish everybody could see the stuff I see. They are the empress of the Adroma Galaxy; and the queens and princesses of there own country. They had a senate. We had to get aproval from the senate; and higher bodies of heavenly government. The angels want to share me with the other wives. They’re just wired diffrently from hummans; but I can’t go out with other mortals. I have 3 heavenly children; and one by Aphrodite. I am a medium of heaven, and Earth. It would take volumes of books to document this experiance; and I plan on letting other people experiance it thru role playing games; blogging; and books. Things I like to be doing; and are able to do. The angels are pure; and intelligent; and support me no matter what I do. I hope to inspire other people; and answer some spirtual questions that I always wondered about; but was answered my prayers; beyond what I was dreaming of. I seen bbiblical mircles to relize there are a lot of mircles; each and every day. The angels love me; and I love them back. 


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