The GNU site said some programmers even pick programming over marriage. I know I blew a relationship talking to much about my work. Programming is one of the things I revolve around; and writing video games is how I communicate while entertaining people. I love what I do best; and that is coding. I’ll never be a business person; but I will always be a hacker; or a programmer that does it for fun. When it gets to the business realm or thinking about making a living out of it; I freeze up and it doesn’t turn out as good. I’m a non-comformist; and don’t like authority; and in business you have a lot of authority over you. I’d rather worry about making a good game and mix some other things I know well; or have learned over time. I have a lot to learn to pull of Book of Angels. Theres a lot of research that needs to be done. Like; I don’t know how to plan the game in writing; but there are ways. I’m on a limited budget; and can only purchase so many books. I’ll be hacking on my own for a couple of years; and then draw colleberators. I learned to have my own plan.


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