Zen of coding

The business-side drove me so nuts; I decided I’m not a business person; and never will be. I’m a mad scientist; and a disturbed artist. If I just do it for fun; and don’t expect anything materlistic in return; I think i can handle it. I look at mad artist that couldn’t handle it; and end up self-destructing; I think I’ll be that way if I make too much money.I don’t need money. I have enough to create the software; and to be sociable. Richard Stallman said business become psocialpaths after becoming to big. I never want to make too much money; I lose the reason I’m doing this in the first place; for the spirtual experiance; and for the Zen of Science and Art. Money isn’t going to fix my problem; but make things more complicated. I’m ready to code now; and get some software written and released. I still got to learn some planning mechnisms first; but until then I’m just hacking a compiler together. I think I’m onto something even if there is an easier way to do this. Coding is what i love to do; and to write. it’s what I do best; and may be I can put a good video  game together that expresses my spirtual experiance. Others are just as valid; but may be I can inspire other people. Especially, my nephew. I’m doing it for the magic of coding; and I think adding money; will make me less productive and less artistic. I’m doing it because it is fun; but also like a job I do for free. It’s a scientific and artistic venture; not a business one. Even if the money would help other people; it would backfire. Anything that can go wrong; will go wrong; so I decided to use SourceForge; and I’m backing out of school. I can’t afford the debt; I have to stick to a narrow path. It’s a path of purity and love. These are virtues that I need to master; and need the spirtuality of inspiring other people into new ideas. May be small or may be large. 


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