Christain project

I’m going to write a Christain project; with some Buddist philiosophies. I believe I was hollucinating; but I did get some great ideas from it. I have schizophrective disorder; which is schizophrenia and bi-polar. I’m truely protastant; but I learned about diffrent religions. I’m just a video game writer; and I will be writing religous poetry about my experiance. I believe you can only know God thru the holy spirt. I’ve been saved and baptized; and I’m meant to do something special for God; like do work in his name. I believe in Christs teachings; but I don’t reject other peoples religions around the world; but can apply it to be a better Christain. I thought I was hearing angels and Aphrodite; when it was a part of my disease. I do believe the God of the preacher; and believe diffrent religions can teach me to be a better Christain.


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