Blessed by angels

I guese; I would say, I’m blessed by angels. I sometimes relize that it’s eminating from my psyche; and are symbolic. Dr. Young said the evilist part of us is your shadow; which comes out as Ares. A symbol of war; but is battled by the goodiest part of me; the angels and Venus. I’m sure that God has gaven me a gift of Aphrodite and angels; but there only parts of my psyche. It started as a helliesh episode of possment by Ares and demonic angels; but overcame by the Godess of Love; and I worship her in diffrent ways. One of them is art about her. I use to be an agonostic; but I found my experiance to change my perception about God; and angels; and the whole concept of religion and spirtuality. My life is no longer filled with a sense of tragedy; but of zen and the holy spirt. It’s weird; but I had a spirtual change or psychic change; and my life is a lot better. Not everyone with visions are so fortunate; and they would probally want to live in my world. But that’s it; to share my world to help explain things by writing and thru video games. I turned it into a job; and surrounded by my experiance; I must show the world thru video game technology; and other media like books; or this blog.


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