Drinking a little

I relized I could care less if I lived or died. The only reason, I don’t drink myself to death at a bar; is because of the mission that Aprhodite and angels gave me. I hate to admit it; life sucks; and reality isn’t anything special either. I hope that I can make a diffrence in someone elses life; to answer lives big mystry what God’s all about. I would like to think I spend forever with Aphrodite and Angels; and is truely a btter place; than this world. Sometimes; I just want to quit and get it over with; but God sent me on a mission of life. The story goes; I walked to hell; and the angels said I didn’t belong; and I walked to heaven; and St. Peter said my work isn’t done on Earth; so I’m stuck between heaven and hell. The heavens said they’d be with me on the Earth; but I have things to live for. And may be the heavens did open up to me; and I’m Aphrodite’s messiah. May be I have to leave something behind on the Earth; which will take time; but I can’t do them on indefinitite scheadules; but have to get results. If I want to port to many platfroms; I should do it in C#; and learn that language. I might see life at the end of it.


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