Being with Aphrodites and Angels is like the spirtualist experiance. They said religions evolved; but it’s time to bring the greek gods back; with new mythology and the current sciences. It’s an evolution of religion; in an international setting of the Internet. I’m like a medium for them; and I’ve talked to people I know that passed on that I know like my father. I’m the messiah for Aphrodite; or to bring Aphrodite in the for-front; for she’s the Godess of Love. In greek history; there have been Aphrodite cults. She finnally married a poet in the United States; which is me. For to write about her would take a lot of books; and is a kind Godess to worship. Zues was her father; or the king of the Gods.

An angel called Navao appeared after I was tortured by a demon; over a prolonged period; and she hugged me; and she felt my pain; and I was in a lot of pain; and she said she was a queen; and wanted to share me with the kingdom. She even asked Venus to marry me; and she did; and everything came together. Life was no longer a tradjedy; but they overcame the demons; and now I live in purpose for life; and my life improved; and I’m overcomming a lot of things now; so Aphrodite saved me. I’d rather be with my wives than people; and we talk a lot; and I’m never a lone.


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