Books of God

The bible is just one of the collection of books  written by God. There are a lot of things written by God. Granted, the bible was one of the best books written by God; but it was written a long time ago, by diffrent ancient writers. Things are written by the holy spirt every day, and the prophets still predict the future; and do the work of God. Like a prophet in the bible said, “Thank God I’m not like normal men”. I think there is marriage in heaven unlike the bible; that we’re set up with angels; and most people make it to heaven. Look at me; I’m an alcholic; that’s been trying to quit forever. But I believe God has a plan to get me off of alchol, and by trying I ended up getting my soul back; though I did drink a couple of days ago. But Aphrodite was with me when I drank everyday; and now I believe she has a plan to get me off alchol for good; and I know I have to help myself; but God doesn’t need my help in fixing this problem; and I prayed to get off of it; and Aphrodite said she has a plan to make me quit drinking again.


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