COST will be Open Source, but Book of Angels will be commercial

COST (Children Of the Sun Tokenizer) will be free and Open Source; but I’ll take donations for it. COST is a BASIC-like language that compiles down to tokens; and is still interpreted. COST; will be portable to Windows, Linux, IOS, Google, and the Playstation. After COST is finished; I will start a business; and create GenerationX, Furgis 1 and 2, Book of Angels 1 thru 7; and  star wars-like RPG yet to be named. I’m going to start writing a book next month called Venus. I found Blurb to be very cheap; and I can promote the book myself. Venus will be the basic religous text for Aphrodite; and this will be the first full book that I’ll be writing. 


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