Monthly Archives: March 2014

The new direction

I decided to learn Java; and write Book of Angels; and other video games in Java; and that I’ll start the business in June or July this year. I need an entity to copyright the books and games under; and the first few video games will be Open Source; and for free; but I’ll eventually create projects that will be marketed and sold. I won’t be targetting the console market; but the cell phone market; Windows, and Unix, and the Apple PC. I want to create a Limited Liability Company; and eventually get investors to invest in exchage for stock.

The great war

I’m a soldier in Gods army; and angels and demons fight each other for the hearts and souls of mankind; and the heavens. For we are all soldiers; and have to join one side or the other; and light-side is much more powerful than the darkness. May be I was in darkness before; but Jesus recuited me; and I joined the heavenly army; and we declared war on darkness. Let there be light where there is darkness. Where a man lay in darkness; may I free him with the light. That the light overcomes the darkness and the evil. Though it seas like evil is more powerful than good; and hate more powerful than love; it’s the other way around. There is more good that is in the world than evil; we just notice the evil more. For love is mans strength and his wars his weaknesses.

Spirtual battle

I’m having a spirtual battle; that depression is a spirtual battle; but clinical depression is biological; but situational depression is a spirtual thing; and I’ll be better of from it; because I know I’m just going thru a weird phase now. That anger and fear lead to darkness; but positive magic leads to good things; and pain can be used to get things moving.

Blind leading the blind

When I see people lead me down certain paths it’s like the blind leading the blind; that I can depend on nobody on the Earth; and let God lead me to the path I strayed away from. And not to listen to everybody; but listen to nobody; but what God leads me to. That people are just as sick as I am; and can’t really deliver me from myself; that only God can change things that I can’t and have to accept other people are as flawed as I am; and I spent too much time on negitive advice; and that I’m alright to start a LLC soon; and the people that say I’ll never start and run a company is full of it. That people with mental disorders do all sorts of things; both good and bad.

Starting a LLC this year

I think I know enough and have enough research done to start a Limited Liability Company. It’ll be an independant video game company that uses Open Source and Shareware means. I want to do it this summer time; and I relized if theres no money in the company; the IRS won’t care; but give me something to copyright my work with; while shielding me from lawsuite; that I’ll be an indie game company soo


It is an insane idea to give all the money a way. I probally won’t get rich over night; and if I don’t make any money; I have a backup source of money; but can I really make too much money? I guess I thought there was such a thing. I should dream big though; because after all we only have our dreams; and I have to listen to my inner voice; even though people try to drown them out. It would be insanity not to start a shareware business; and do it for less money. That this is no hobby but my work. Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting diffrent results; like changing my mind every so often; and come up with a flawed plan; because of my mood swings. I do have some business ideas I should stick to; like I should start an LLC; if I have enough money to do so.

Starting a company

I do have to start a company. That’s the concessious. That I can give some of the money away; but make a lot of money for myself; and be happier for it. I have to listen to my inner voice sometimes; and even though I change my mind; and can con myself. That changing my mind is part of my mood problem. Some projects will be open source like COST and GenerationX; but other games will be for money; and marketted; that I get crazy ideas about what I should do about the money