Treatment of Alchol

I went thru treatment for alcholism a long time ago; I had some relapses since then; but in the treatment of my alcholism; I learned to recover from alcholism. That there is a spirtual solution to the problem; and that my experiance can be useful to people. That I have to give back; what is so freely given to me by God. I was thinking how I could give back. In treatment we called each other brothers. I’m heterosexual, but there where a lot of homosexuals there; and I wondered how they got the God part down. It doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you believe in something. I’m thinking about donating my work to diffrent orginations and the children of addicts.  I know of a herion addict that was killed by her boyfriend. I think there children need a sign of love; and God loves everybody; even homosexuals; and I’m very open minded about sexuality; and Aphrodite and the angels have a sexual side of them. May be homosexuals are set with other angels in heaven. That I never want to stop my visions; even in heaven; after I die. I am who I am. And alcholic that can’t drink; and mentally ill. I won’t hide it; but respect some institutions that I can’t meantion in media like my blog and video game. But I’m going to make the money I recieve to better the community which I live in. I might have to wait ’til I’m a year sober; because people look at the author’s life; but I’ll continue with my work; and if I can’t get a year in; at least there are other orginations that I can donate to like a support group for the mentally ill; to teach them they are worthy als.


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