Changing my mind

Changing my mind is a constant problem. But some things I am going to go thru with and has remained static. I think I just upset someone I didn’t mean to; and if your doing anything worth while; you will upset people; and I try not to please people like I use to. Even other business people. The bottom line; it’s going to take 3 years for my mental illness to stablize after keeping sober. The trick is in keeping sober. It may never happen; but I think God has a plan; and I’m moving to have more money. I am developing COST; and computer languages are free anymore; and isn’t really marketable; because there are Open Source alternitives; but I believe people will buy a video game. I’m more of a software developer and a poet than a good book writer (or even blog writer); and i’m a little ignorant on business matters; but I decided I can’t afford college at the moment; and may never go back to college; but become a self-taught professional thru countless experiments than can also backfire. I like the pragmitism of Open Source; but I don’t think everything should be free (I mean freedom) software; and there is a diffrent set of rules behind shareware. I’m more of a programmer; than someone that can write very well; but I’ve been chosen by Aphrodite; and Aphrodite told me not to listen to people literally. You will have people that will let you down; but Aphrodite has a plan; and I shouldn’t rely on people too much like I’ve been. But don’t let other voices; drown out my inner voice. I see great change and evolution. And may be I’m where I’m suppose to be at; developing an Open Source language, and blogging things out; and trusting a very few people with personal information. People let you down; but they are like sand in the wind. The realm of the spirt is perfect; and infinate; and buetiful. I worry about my users more than how it’s going to make money. I decided to be honest with myself; so I can be honest to my readers and my users. Without clients; there is no business. I’m thinking about just designing software ’til I stabalize my thoughts more; and quit changing my mind all the time. That will improve over time. I feel it; and know it; and that changing my mind turns people off.


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