When to Open Source, and when to market a project

I found that computer languages are flooded by Open Source compilers; and the only reason I’m doing COST; is because it’s portable; plus I’ll know everything about it. It’ll be a lot of fun to do; even though it’s challenging; but I found my video game to be something not everybody flooded the market on; but is something I’ll do in the future. I need to start at the bottom of doing stuff for free; and then worry about setting up a business. Then I’ll create small free video games; just for practice. But the business will happen; and I’m not doing school no more; but just learn on my own. I’m not an expert at any of this; but I can do it; even though it isn’t a perfect thing. I am a talented programmer; and I do have a lot of spirtual momentuem going on; or a lot of spirtual experiance and knowledge; but I’m not a theologian; or know everything about religion; but had an experiance to captilize on; and to help other people grow also. I don’t know if it’ll take off or not; but it’s not something I have to make a lot of money from; and I’ll be ok; if it’s successful or not. I think it’s an adventure to do all these things. I have nothing better to do; but express spirtuality; and Zen.


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