4 virtues

The 4 virtues are honesty, unselfishness, love, and purity. That if I practice them; that it’s unselfish to let everybody use the game. It’s all about other people; and I have enough to survive. I even have enough to buy electronics, and I live with a roomate in a house; that’s not in the getto; and I get a lot of help. There could be a lot of money in Open Source; but I’m going to start a tax-exempt orgination; and give it a way to charity; and not to chase material things; for they are like sands in the wind; but the rock of God, and not worry about how much money I’ll make for myself; but what I can do for other people; that I was chosen by Aphrodite because I’m a special person to the Godess; and she doesn’t care how it’s done, but one of my wifes said to do it for free. 


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