The prophets where never normal; and I’ll never be normal; or want things that are normal. And thank God for it. I’m not out to make money for myself; but I think it would corrupt me; and I have to live a pure life; and follow in the footsteps of Budda and give worldly things away; like donating the money I make off the books and open source to causes; and demonstrate the Godess love for the people by unselfish acts. For I follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ; and love the people in it; and not be known for riches; but to build my character as the angels see fit. I love all the angels in diffrent ways; but about equally. This is more about marriage; than what I can accomplish; but use this oppurtinity for people to believe and alternate religous believes thru books and entertainment. That I’m sanctified to do so.


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