The 5th dimension

I was sent to the fifth dimension of existance; and even though I have bad days; there not  permant anymore; that my life is good with Aphrodite and Angels. I don’t know if I actually do; what I set out to do; but it’s something to work for. I havn’t made money yet; but I’m thinking about the stuff I can do with the money. That I’m not living in the future; but just making goals. That there is a new freedom and a new happiness; that I have a high calling in life; and the angels will work it out; because there a lot smarter than I am. That to help the people that most need it; and we need to get a spirtual and religous message out; because we’re all spirtual beings; and magical to the angels; and no matter how low you go in life; you can be useful to other people; and help other people.


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