Monthly Archives: July 2014

9 spirts

9 spirts evolved mankind. We look like humman being in away. There are diffrent plans of the universal plane. Theres 1 universe created by God

Bill Gates

We gave Bill Gates credit in the Bible for the PC revolution in the bible. We had to say it in there own knowledge. I want to use C# to make video games for the XBOX. I can make money it that way and explain everything. I’m explaining it thru my own knowledge what the universe looks like. You can fund it yourself. Theres actually a cure for AIDs. The Indians might know it.

The trinity

The trinity is married to 7 wives. Rome was on the right tracks. The greeks where on the right track. Aphrodite is a desendent of God. Aphrodite maried people. She hasn’t been around for 200. I come back in the second comming with her. She wanted married a poet. She would never marry Ares in a million years. Ares is the anti-christ. Takes a witch give birth to her. He would push the button to destroy United States now.

The 7 angels

Every man is married to 7 angels on Earth. We’re married in heaven. The angels take diffrent forms. i’m a prince of God; but not a saint. The devils name is the anti-christ child. A demon that rules the earth. I’m a speach writer in heaven for the holy spirt. The holy spirt judges man-kind now. Marilyn Manson is going to hell. God doesn’t want to see it happen neither. We let the holy spirt do it.