Jezubel and Christ

Thos where no angels; but a demon from hell. Now I get to prosper now; and write christain video games; write blogs; and write books. You can be frogiven about sins. I turned to chist and it came together. I’m actually a prophet of God tested by the devil called Jezebul. I thing it was a guy actually; I thought they where angels and a pegan God; but that’s not true. The demon tested me sexually; but I was forgiven by christ; but an angel told me for every 7,000 people die; about 7,000 people make it to heaven. God gave me my life back; delivered me from alcholism and dispair; and made a holy prophet of God to convert people to Christs Kingdom. It’s not a boring place, the angels are exciting to talk to. I became a fisher of man in the bible; and work hard; and write poetry; and to love people back to death. Christ me believe; and I had hard time believing in Christ the Lord. I actually sinned badly; but christ forgave me anyways; and gave me a purpose in life.


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