The life of a prophet

How blessed am I to be restored to my faith. For I lost my faith to science to be freed by God. All I was looking for was to believe. For Jesus is the deliver; for I saw the mircles; and still not belive. For God said the work was good; and set me free of the demonic rule; and make me a fisher of men. Give God a chance; and he will deliver me from sin. For I was a slave to alchol and Jesus freed me in a heartbeat and said I was worthy. For everything turns out. For God knew man would sin; and created the Earth anyway. For God is the father of all creation and of all things. Mighty is his kingdom; for it did not take off at first; but man doesn’t perish in the end; but truely lives forever more within the heaven. For without sin; I would not of been born. Only God could live sinlessly; and not be corrupted by the world; for many sins I’m forgiven for and do regret. For death is an illusion to paridise. For I trust in God because he is with me in the spirt. For I forgave my father of his tresspassed as the father in heaven forgive me of his tresspasses that I created on Earth. For I live in 2 diffrent worlds. The one of the spirt and the one of fless. God is good and all love. For uncondtional is his love of mankind; that they toruture his son; but still forgiveth mankind. For God walketh the Earth to condemn a few; but to save the many.


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