Birth pangs

The possment was like birth pangs. I was tested for 6 years; and wrote falsly about Aphrodite and angels. I was practicing ancient Otherdoxy; I thought. Turned out to be a demon from hell. Sorry, about that one. I was going to only use this to promote a game project; but it turned out to be a staging area to convert people to Christainity. I didn’t know I would use it for it. I plan on writing a video game as shareware; and make money that way. I’m still going to use the same blog; but say it’s more for the video game still. It’s still meant to promote a video game business. I’ll still call the game Book of Angels. I didn’t know I would actually start a video game company. I was sort of afraid to. But the angel said to go and do it; that I’ll make a lot of money this was. I’m going to start the project over again; that it didn’t work at first; but it’ll work this time. I was writing a language system for the game; but they told me it takes to much time and energy to do. And just concentrate on the game. I’m going to call it Heaven and Earth; and it will be based on a parable in the bible. There will be angels in it; and is meant to be a parable.


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