I need too much artistic control to make money. I got sick and started to hollucinate. I turned to Christ; and got some good advice from my voices. I’ll try to create video games for free and just maintain the blog. My father set me up with good insurance for my medical issue; but I can’t make too much money on it. I’m tooken care of financially also; so I’ll keep artistic control this way and not worry about the money-end. I’m not good with money; but with art and video games. It’s a free project now. I want to get the game on the XBOX also; but for free. There isn’t enough money in this for real. Not enough to sell out artisticly. I would bankrupt a company pretty quickly. Money isn’t going to solve the problem. People need faith an moral direction; and money doesn’t solve the problem. It’s the poor people that build up the country; not the rich people.


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