Open Source project

I’m going to write an open source project; and just take donation. It might be a violent. It’ll only be for the PC. I just don’t know how else to pull it off. I might make some money off it to support myself. I think it’ll take off. Christains will probally donate to it. It’s just meant to reasure faith; and to convert lost souls. May be the wordpress could be an open book prophecies for a long time to come. They have a good idea. God lovees democracy. He’s pro-Americain. Who kills there own peophets in Amercian. They kill them in other countries. I fear foriegn threat; but it’s just free speach to me. Amercia might be around a long time. The founders had a nice idea. I’m proud of my country for protecting me this far. God is wtching over me.


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