The Axis of evil

Terriost where sending me propgandanda. No one has the internet. Ali is a false God. They’re the evilist country on the Earth. North Korea comes seccond. Iraqi dictor was overthrown finally. I talk for the angel. I saw the second comming christ. It was the buetiful thing I ever saw. Aphrodite was a false God. I’m taught to pick my own God in AA. I’m talking about my own knowledge. Jesus didn’t judge me yet. I can still to evil still. I’m a prophet of God. Open Book meant a Open Source project that was wordpress. That’s the open book in the bibile. I have study revolations better. I’m a little spaced out now. We’re at war at a lot of people. Thank God Microsoft caught it. I saw the evils of mankind. I’m even threatened by terriosts in the Islamic republic for private e-mails. They wern’t meant meant for the public. Prophets go thru possment before becomming a prophet of God.


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