The emporer on Earth

I’m more of a religous leader than a politcal leader. I just wanted to write a video game about the unknown God. I was trying to figure out war because my father. He was a Koren vetern. I started to talk to forign enemies to sort there point of view; and got caught up in a whole mess. To me; my father was a hero to me. I ended up surrounded with a lot of vietnam vets; and they set me strait. I’m in recovery wanting to learning diffrent relligions by studying the people. Christainity was it. In recovery we’re taught to pick our own higher power. I thought it was my imagination; but I had to Jesus Christ and relize evolution doesn’t happen. It was created in 7 days flat. I’m protected by God. I live in a good country do this in. United States sticks up for Iseral. God is proud of America. They where just wars.


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