God overthrows governments peacefully

Gabriel want protesters to overthrow Iran itself. Islam, Christainity, and mormanism mean the same diffrence. There all Gods writing. It’s just a miscommunication. Bush was a mad genoious that wante set up democracies over see. There just books of God. Everyone has there own prophet. God wants a peacful uprising again in Iran. Muhamad was a true prophet. We have prophets. So do mormans. Not hard to miss God’s handwrting. Jews believe the same thing about God also. It’s just the tower of babel; that split up the language. I’m prophet my high God. A visionary programer; that people in forign lands democracy themselfs. God loves democracies. It all goes down that way in the Bible, Quran, and Mormanism. God wants the middle easter to democracies and live in peace. That was Gabriel or whatever angel that was in the Quran. Moses and the Mumad want peace in the middle east.


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