God’s building up the world not tearing it down

It just takes time to deposs a devils. All the deominiton where correct. War angel is gaberial. They ds don’t watch the Earth ussually. Jim Morrision is trying to get out of purgity. United States mad genous. He aint ending the Earth yet. You should of seen the Roman Empire. They killed the holy spirt. They killed God on Earth. He’s like the holy spirt you feel. Democacy takes time. They’ll get it eventually. Irannaians could make there own demcoracy if the angels could figure could figure out what’s going. I’m more of a poet myself. Jim Morssion taught me how to write poetry to get out of purgitory. Those religions where God’s work. They talk for God, the holy spirt, and Jesus Christ. Prophet Muhamad was a real prophet for the time. Doesn’t mean holy war like that. You just can’t fly a plane into New York City and go to hevean. That was murder in God’s eyes. Earth is still a nice place. Most people got to heaven anymore.


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