War againt Iran

God wants war against Iran. I know the christains are powerful in America. They shouldn’t the muslim faith in America. This is a Christain Nation. We put up with diffrent believe. Now there assiniting average christains that don’t know how to handle mulim law in there own land. I don’t know there laws. I’m just average citizin trying to improve mankind; and found out I could make a diffrence for my own country. What did I do wrong but try to get along with everybody. I got sick one day looking somewhere marry the right way; and have terriost on my back. That’s ridiclous. I didn’t know they where that evil til God me himself. The game will bring people to the blog. I can advertize everwhere on the Internet. I think I’m safe at the moment. The blog was the video game. I don’t like marder either.


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