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Prophet of the saint

Anptjer saint rules Earth. She might be a witch that bailes out of the occult. She doesn’t even believe in God. Theres more than one way to enter heaven. I’m speach writer for her. Someone conquered up Lucifer. That’s who possed me. Theres heaven and hell only. God is watching over her too.

Bill Gates

We gave Bill Gates credit in the Bible for the PC revolution in the bible. We had to say it in there own knowledge. I want to use C# to make video games for the XBOX. I can make money it that way and explain everything. I’m explaining it thru my own knowledge what the universe looks like. You can fund it yourself. Theres actually a cure for AIDs. The Indians might know it.

The trinity

The trinity is married to 7 wives. Rome was on the right tracks. The greeks where on the right track. Aphrodite is a desendent of God. Aphrodite maried people. She hasn’t been around for 200. I come back in the second comming with her. She wanted married a poet. She would never marry Ares in a million years. Ares is the anti-christ. Takes a witch give birth to her. He would push the button to destroy United States now.