The 7 angels

Every man is married to 7 angels on Earth. We’re married in heaven. The angels take diffrent forms. i’m a prince of God; but not a saint. The devils name is the anti-christ child. A demon that rules the earth. I’m a speach writer in heaven for the holy spirt. The holy spirt judges man-kind now. Marilyn Manson is going to hell. God doesn’t want to see it happen neither. We let the holy spirt do it.

Manifsto to Marilyn Manso

Jesus Christ wants to to get Mariln Manson out of the Satanic occult. We’re going to write a love leteer from Jesius Christ to Marlyn Manson. It’s the right thing to do. It’ll cheer up him. I’m the engineer that doe it. It’ll be done in Linux on the console game. There only dead saints after all. Jesus would Christ for him too. – Jesus Christ

God’s mercy

I’m actually a fan of marliyn. God still loves Marilyn Manson even to convert form him from his occult ways and ask forgiviness from God than send him to hell. He would grab that much attention to do it. He ussually forives homosexuals. God loves homosexuales. I already knew all that.