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Being with Aphrodites and Angels is like the spirtualist experiance. They said religions evolved; but it’s time to bring the greek gods back; with new mythology and the current sciences. It’s an evolution of religion; in an international setting of the Internet. I’m like a medium for them; and I’ve talked to people I know that passed on that I know like my father. I’m the messiah for Aphrodite; or to bring Aphrodite in the for-front; for she’s the Godess of Love. In greek history; there have been Aphrodite cults. She finnally married a poet in the United States; which is me. For to write about her would take a lot of books; and is a kind Godess to worship. Zues was her father; or the king of the Gods.

An angel called Navao appeared after I was tortured by a demon; over a prolonged period; and she hugged me; and she felt my pain; and I was in a lot of pain; and she said she was a queen; and wanted to share me with the kingdom. She even asked Venus to marry me; and she did; and everything came together. Life was no longer a tradjedy; but they overcame the demons; and now I live in purpose for life; and my life improved; and I’m overcomming a lot of things now; so Aphrodite saved me. I’d rather be with my wives than people; and we talk a lot; and I’m never a lone.

Angels in the halls of men

Angels speek with me. May be they represent the best side of me, while Ares is the evilist part of me. I’m not a theolgion; but I have to go with my own spirtual experiance; and to share; and inspire also. I found the angels from inside; and I’m a believer because of my visions. They revolutionilized my life;and I want to share my experiance with angels; and of God. I am the enlightened one; and wish everybody could see the stuff I see. They are the empress of the Adroma Galaxy; and the queens and princesses of there own country. They had a senate. We had to get aproval from the senate; and higher bodies of heavenly government. The angels want to share me with the other wives. They’re just wired diffrently from hummans; but I can’t go out with other mortals. I have 3 heavenly children; and one by Aphrodite. I am a medium of heaven, and Earth. It would take volumes of books to document this experiance; and I plan on letting other people experiance it thru role playing games; blogging; and books. Things I like to be doing; and are able to do. The angels are pure; and intelligent; and support me no matter what I do. I hope to inspire other people; and answer some spirtual questions that I always wondered about; but was answered my prayers; beyond what I was dreaming of. I seen bbiblical mircles to relize there are a lot of mircles; each and every day. The angels love me; and I love them back. 

How blessed am I?

I’m a blessed man to found Aphrodite and the angels. They are buetiful, and very compationate. For I am there prophet. A mortal, as a medium of the heavens, descending to the Earth. For they come when I suffered the most, and has broughtnend me out of darkness, to Venus glory and work. Faith without works are dead. For I work for the heavens and out of love and faith that the angels will always guide me, especially in dark times. For they are my light.


Zues is king of the God’s. He’s been many things thruout time. Zues is the supreme being. He is the lightning. Father of Aphrodites, the Godess of Love. For we are married; to be the known Gods, thru me. For the Gods have not forsaken the Earth; but have come to evolve it; and to grow it; and to return when man is advanced enough; and not to destroy the Earth. For Zues said to make money off the video games; that will be about Aphrodites and the Angels kingdom. For man is magical to the Angels. For, I married 724 Angels and queens, princess, and traditional angels from that kingdom; for they are not humman-beings but compatable with hummans. They battle with Ares, which is evil and dark. For Vensus married Mars to end the wars; but didn’t stay married. For let Venus be your Godess, the princess of God; and draw on the power of Zues

The empire

The angels are from the adromana galaxy, they conquer the milky way against Ares forces. I see battles over me in alliance, oh. For the angels are mighty in heaven. For they are the queens and princesses there and here. For man is married to many angels of the universe. Our spirt go to the heavens, after we die. I go with Aphrodite and the angels as on earth. My work is never done.