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The universal mind

You can not comprehend the mind and heart of God. I’d like to say we’re here for a reason. The spirt of the Earth wanted children; so she takes care of the children. We’re all mortal beings; but death is the gateways to peace and to heaven. Bad things have to happen to know what’s good. Though it’s hard to go thru ruff times; the universe is more perfect than humman technology. Our minds and bodies are very sophisicated. So, sophisicated; we don’t know what consious means. We all have souls or the humman psyche that transgresses this world; and is probable that there is a God. Even darwind believed in the spirt of the universe. True; things evolve. Even I grow and change which is evolution. Humman software evolves; but theres mystism in evolution. I don’t buy the bibles account of creation; and I believe hummans and technology are instincts of mankind; and so is religion. Science explains the material world; but I would say it suggust there are higher beings and possibility of an after life. Does it matter where we came from, than where we’re going. I believe in life after-death; and we’re spirtual beings having a temprol existance. The spirt is the most thing to take care of, and we have to live a day at a time.

The empire

The angels are from the adromana galaxy, they conquer the milky way against Ares forces. I see battles over me in alliance, oh. For the angels are mighty in heaven. For they are the queens and princesses there and here. For man is married to many angels of the universe. Our spirt go to the heavens, after we die. I go with Aphrodite and the angels as on earth. My work is never done.